A Maggi Noodle Update


A few weeks back, we reported the case unfolding in the Bombay High Court regarding the Maggi Noodle scandal. And their verdict? Innocent until proven otherwise.

If you missed out on the news, Maggi Noodles in India was urged by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) to recall their instant noodles after it concluded that the noodles were were unsafe and hazardous for human consumption with an excessive amount of lead found in the noodles (for the full post click here). Since then, Maggi Noodles have been at a standstill and exports to places like Australia and New Zealand have been on halt (for more, click here). Until now.

Since the beginning of the first hearing on the 12th of June, the Bombay High court has allowed the company to export Maggi noodles. Senior counsel Iqbal Chagla appeared for Nestle and Anil Singh appeared for the state for a brief hearing where this decision was taken. The next hearing has been posted for July 14.

Do you need to be more careful with the instant noodle you consume? What do you think of the Bombay High Court’s decision?

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